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Our Newest Candidates

Alexandria Taylor

Alexandria Taylor

District 12 U.S. Senate (R-MI)

Alexandria J. Taylor, a passionate advocate, and dedicated leader, will be a voice for justice and integrity in the Senate. With a strong legal background and a commitment to public service, she has built a successful law career while being a loving mother to three children. Join Alexandria in her mission to uphold the values of family, faith, and freedom for a stronger and more just America.

CJ Pearson

CJ Pearson

District 125 US House of Representatives (R – GA)

A product of Grovetown, GA and Evans High School graduate, CJ Pearson is a conservative activist, political commentator, and currently serves as the National Co-Chair of the Republican National Committee Youth Advisory Council. Pearson is recognized as one of the leading conservative voices among Generation Z and has garnered a national following, inspiring millions of Americans young and old.

Matthew Shoemaker

Matthew Shoemaker

State Representative (R-NC)

Matthew is a former intelligence officer with the Defense Intelligence Agency and an expert in nuclear war strategy, Russia, Ukraine, and China. Matthew provides a fresh look at global affairs after years of experience in the US intelligence community. He aims to bring interfaith and much-needed “intelligence” in Washington D. C.


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